Chameleon Sex Party

Welcome to Chameleon Sex Party

So, you’ve decided that your life needs something new. Perhaps something prehensile, arboreal, diurnal and judgmental? Are you missing the presence of something that will catapult you into the varsity level of advanced reptile husbandry? Then, ladies and gentlemen, what you’re missing in your life is a chameleon, and thankfully, you’ve found, where you can learn about keeping your chameleon alive and happy, and read about the scary situations that chameleon ownership can entail. Feeling a little bit less brave? Prefer a pet that doesn’t need special lights and heat and maybe doesn’t even eat bugs? Well, we’ve got crested geckos for that, and we’ll drop some crestie knowledge on you as well.

This is *Chameleon* Sex Party, and we’re here to learn about reptile husbandry, and we hope you’re here for that too. Because, if you came for an actual sex party, well, you cheeky monkey, you’ll have to go somewhere else for THAT.

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